Top 10 Tips to Make Mobile Landing Page That Can Increase Your Revenue

Building a mobile landing page is now a necessity for business websites. It can give many benefits for them. Since many people are using the internet through smartphones, having web pages optimized to run on mobile devices can attract more people to the website and increase their sales.

The WooCommerce development company in India wooxpert is making sure their eCommerce websites have mobile landing pages to increase the conversion from mobile users.

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What is a Mobile Landing Page?

Before reading the tips, you should understand what is a mobile landing page. Those are the web pages created specifically for mobile browsers. These pages will appear as ads on search engine result pages when customers searching something on mobile phones. This type of landing page must have a responsive design, one call to action, and simple navigation. They are aimed to make the users do an exact action. Shopify development company in India shopixpert is also good at creating such pages.

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List of Top Tips to Make Mobile Landing Page

The best mobile landing pages grab the attention of potential customers, demand action, and get the conversion. When a customer finds himself on a well-crafted mobile landing page that gives them a better user experience and creates a positive impression. This is why the pixelsolvent web design company in India gives importance to creating mobile-optimized pages. See some of the important landing page optimization tips followed by them.

mobile landing page designs

1. Create a separate mobile landing page

Having a responsive design is definitely good for the website. But that is not enough. Develop a website specifically for mobile devices or else they are not going to convert the way you want them to. The web development company in India can deliver landing pages designed for mobiles.

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2. Use click-to-call

If important information like inventory, pricing, business hours, etc., are not available on your website. Using a click-to-call button that is easy to spot and big enough to click. This can help them easily contact you to get the information they need. The web designing company in Kochi is effectively using click-to-call button in their client’s websites.

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3. Implement Click-to-Scroll

In most cases, shorter landing pages are better. But sometimes you may want to add more information on the landing page, in those cases, you can use the click-to-scroll button to quickly navigate the users to the information they need. This will reduce bounce rates. The web design company in Calicut is experienced in implementing these types of buttons.

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4. Use sticky headers and footers

For a small mobile screen, the screen real estate is very precious. But still, it is important to keep your call to action or navigation on the landing page easily accessible. Sticky navigation lets you achieve this. Therefore, many expert web designers in Kochi freelancewebdesigner help you add sticky headers and footers on the landing pages.

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5. Craft shorter website copy

Your mobile landing page shouldn’t have all the website copy from your desktop site. You need short and simple content which helps the site visitors quickly understand the purpose of the page. Website content writers in the SEO company in India RankPointer can deliver such shorter website copy.

landing page examples

6. Use mobile-optimized popups

Popups can be very useful and effective for lead generation on mobile landing pages. As part of optimizing these popups, keep them simple as possible. Limit the popup with just a few elements or even just an email address. The web designers in the outsource web design company in India can create simplistic popups.

7. Go easy on visuals and videos

Images and videos use a lot of cellular data or Wi-Fi. So, when you are creating landing pages for mobile devices you should keep images to a minimum. For videos, you should try to avoid them completely or make sure they are not auto-play videos. The web design company in Dubai is using this principle in its designs.

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8. Make it fast

Website loading speed is an important factor in user experience. If the website takes a lot of time to load hat will increase the bounce rate. Optimize every component on the website to reduce loading time. WordPress development company in India makes sure the web pages are loading faster.

9. Stick to Single Column Layouts

Mobile devices don’t have enough room to show multiple columns of a website. Anything more than a single column makes navigation difficult on mobile devices. Therefore, the best web design company in Kerala webdesigninkerala creates single-column landing pages for mobile phone users.

10. Use white space

The use of white space makes the website look modern and creates interest among customers. It also gives enough importance to each element on the website like the website copy, call-to-action (CTA), etc. The top Magento development company in India Magentomate implements this technique in their designs.

landing page best practices

Top 10 Tips to Make Mobile Landing Page – Summary

The tips given in the article will guide you to create an effective landing page for mobiles.

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