Top 10 Tips to Make Mobile Landing Page That Can Increase Your Revenue

Building a mobile landing page is now a necessity for business websites. It can give many benefits for them. Since many people are using the internet through smartphones, having web pages optimized to run on mobile devices can attract more people to the website and increase their sales.

The WooCommerce development company in India wooxpert is making sure their eCommerce websites have mobile landing pages to increase the conversion from mobile users.

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What is a Mobile Landing Page?

Before reading the tips, you should understand what is a mobile landing page. Those are the web pages created specifically for mobile browsers. These pages will appear as ads on search engine result pages when customers searching something on mobile phones. This type of landing page must have a responsive design, one call to action, and simple navigation. They are aimed to make the users do an exact action. Shopify development company in India shopixpert is also good at creating such pages.

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List of Top Tips to Make Mobile Landing Page

The best mobile landing pages grab the attention of potential customers, demand action, and get the conversion. When a customer finds himself on a well-crafted mobile landing page that gives them a better user experience and creates a positive impression. This is why the pixelsolvent web design company in India gives importance to creating mobile-optimized pages. See some of the important landing page optimization tips followed by them.

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1. Create a separate mobile landing page

Having a responsive design is definitely good for the website. But that is not enough. Develop a website specifically for mobile devices or else they are not going to convert the way you want them to. The web development company in India can deliver landing pages designed for mobiles.

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2. Use click-to-call

If important information like inventory, pricing, business hours, etc., are not available on your website. Using a click-to-call button that is easy to spot and big enough to click. This can help them easily contact you to get the information they need. The web designing company in Kochi is effectively using click-to-call button in their client’s websites.

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3. Implement Click-to-Scroll

In most cases, shorter landing pages are better. But sometimes you may want to add more information on the landing page, in those cases, you can use the click-to-scroll button to quickly navigate the users to the information they need. This will reduce bounce rates. The web design company in Calicut is experienced in implementing these types of buttons.

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4. Use sticky headers and footers

For a small mobile screen, the screen real estate is very precious. But still, it is important to keep your call to action or navigation on the landing page easily accessible. Sticky navigation lets you achieve this. Therefore, many expert web designers in Kochi freelancewebdesigner help you add sticky headers and footers on the landing pages.

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5. Craft shorter website copy

Your mobile landing page shouldn’t have all the website copy from your desktop site. You need short and simple content which helps the site visitors quickly understand the purpose of the page. Website content writers in the SEO company in India RankPointer can deliver such shorter website copy.

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6. Use mobile-optimized popups

Popups can be very useful and effective for lead generation on mobile landing pages. As part of optimizing these popups, keep them simple as possible. Limit the popup with just a few elements or even just an email address. The web designers in the outsource web design company in India can create simplistic popups.

7. Go easy on visuals and videos

Images and videos use a lot of cellular data or Wi-Fi. So, when you are creating landing pages for mobile devices you should keep images to a minimum. For videos, you should try to avoid them completely or make sure they are not auto-play videos. The web design company in Dubai is using this principle in its designs.

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8. Make it fast

Website loading speed is an important factor in user experience. If the website takes a lot of time to load hat will increase the bounce rate. Optimize every component on the website to reduce loading time. WordPress development company in India makes sure the web pages are loading faster.

9. Stick to Single Column Layouts

Mobile devices don’t have enough room to show multiple columns of a website. Anything more than a single column makes navigation difficult on mobile devices. Therefore, the best web design company in Kerala webdesigninkerala creates single-column landing pages for mobile phone users.

10. Use white space

The use of white space makes the website look modern and creates interest among customers. It also gives enough importance to each element on the website like the website copy, call-to-action (CTA), etc. The top Magento development company in India Magentomate implements this technique in their designs.

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Top 10 Tips to Make Mobile Landing Page – Summary

The tips given in the article will guide you to create an effective landing page for mobiles.

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Tips to Find Suitable Web Design Company in Dubai UAE for Your Business Website

A web design company in Dubai is something you can trust to deliver the best performing eye-catchy website. But there are several options for you to choose from. So this article is for helping you to choose the suitable one by using some simple tips.

Web Design Company in Dubai
Creative Web Design Sydney NSW

7 Tips to Find the Best Website Design Company in Dubai

The 7 important tips to choose the right website design agency in Dubai for you.

1. Clear About Your Requirements

The first thing you should do for hiring a web designing firm is that have a clear picture of your requirement. Then you compare them with the skillsets of each agency. If the agency didn’t possess the kind of designers and developers like you are expecting, you shouldn’t work with them.

web design services dubai

2. They Must Have a Portfolio

The agency you are looking for should have a portfolio. A portfolio contains a sample of their past works and clients. So you can see the ability of the designers by reviewing these works. Look for the websites they made which are similar to what you have planned to own. If that website is user-friendly and reaches up to the standard you are expecting, then they may be the right choice.

3. They Have Other Services

Try to choose a company with complete web designing solutions. This can improve the effectiveness of the website. Because a web development agency with graphic designing, logo design, SEO, social media marketing, and all other services related to making your online presence more effective is always good. If you choose an eCommerce web design Dubai company, then you can easily expand your business to online sales.

4. Check Out the Reviews

You should do some research on the company you are about to hire. The reviews by their clients are valuable information. There are many ways to see the reviews. The simplest and familiar one for everyone is Google. Google lets you review web designing agencies and potential clients can read the reviews to make the right decision.

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5. Familiar with Design Trends

For a website to perform well, it should follow the latest design trends. The customers usually tend to trust the businesses with a modern looking website. This trust is important for conversion. The designer must be up to date with the trends in the industry like flat design, parallax effects, and all the other elements. Some basic information about web design trends that you need to know is can be seen here.

6. Analyze How They Communicate

Communication is crucial in designing a good website. The designer should able to understand the requirement of the client. Observing their response helps you know their communication skills. From the way they communicate, you can confirm whether they understand it or not.

7. They Have Their Own Ideas

The designer must present their ideas to you. Creating a replica of your words is something most designers can do. But talented designers like the web designers in the UAE will give you tons of ideas for making your website more appealing. That kind of designers can make better performing websites for you.

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To Sum It Up – Tips for Finding the Right Web Design Company in Dubai

Websites are a tool for advertising a firm. They will get you more customers by utilizing them properly. But to do so, you need to find a suitable agency who can design an outstanding website for you. This article some of the tips you can use while trying to find a website designing agency.

About the Author

The Author is working as a web designer at for over the past 12 years. He is also very much experienced in content writing and digital marketing.

Good Website Design Principles: The Top 8 Points You Should Consider

Here we are explaining some of the good website design principles to help you in your web designing job.

The designs of the websites can decide their success. The productivity of the website can decide its success rather than the looks. A website is the face of their business. So you should do the designing of it very carefully. Missing even a small factor could affect the sites and their brand reputation. The web design has a crucial role in increasing conversion.

Good Website Design Principles

The web designing not necessarily mean how the site looks. It is more like how the site works. A website with simple design and outstanding features can attract more new visitors and can have better search engine rankings.

8 Principles of Good Website Design

A better web design requires the collective effort of many professionals from different areas of website designing. This article is going to give you the essential 8 web design principles.

1. Simplicity

The web designs should be minimalistic. Adding so many elements to the website will only confuse the visitors. Maybe they can be distracted from the main purpose of that website. Also, minimal layout helps the users to easily navigate. So making it simpler is the most efficient way to attract people.

2. Consistency

You should keep the consistency of the website’s designs throughout the page. This means the elements of it like fonts, font sizes, colors, buttons, headings, sub-headings, etc. should match one another. The CSS can give you a detailed idea about the elements.

web usability guidelines

3. Typography & Readability

Text elements on a website have an extra point over others. Because the search engine crawlers are looking for this data. Therefore, the typography should look good, readable for users, along with the major SEO elements. Use appropriate typefaces for design elements like headings, body, buttons, etc.

4. Mobile Compatibility

The mobile industry is growing fast. So while designing a website you should consider making them compatible with different screen sizes for supporting in both smartphones and tablets. If your website is not responsive your customers may go to your competitors.

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5. Color Palette and Imagery

The best choices of color can attract the users and a poor combination of colors can cause distraction. So picking the right color palette is very important to convey the vibe of that website to the visitors. Remember to leave some whitespace. Otherwise, the web page will look cluttered. Don’t make a mess with colors. Use only three or four colors. The same goes for the case of images. Keep it simple.

6. Enhanced Loading Speed

Everyone hates the websites that take so much time to load. This hate can benefit the competitors if they have a website with quick loading speed. To avoid this, you have to optimize the image sizes, combine the code into a central CSS or JavaScript file because it reduces HTTP requests. Compressing CSS, HTML and JavaScript can also improve the loading speed.

7. Easy Navigation

Probably the visitors will spend more time on websites with easy navigation. For having a better navigation, you should create a logical page hierarchy using breadcrumbs and clickable buttons. You can follow the three-click rule.

8. Communication

Everything you are doing to improvise the website is for giving the users what they are looking for on your website. To have effective communication with visitors, organize the information by using headlines, sub-headlines, bullet points, etc. rather than long paragraphs.

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To conclude the Good Website Design Principles

If you follow the above-mentioned principles, you can get innovative website design. The site will be perfect in both aesthetically and functionally. This basic knowledge will help you build a better website.

You can also check more web design principles on

The author of this article is a Digital marketing consultant in zionwebdesign, is a leading web design company in houston texas.